Captain Jack Sparrow for Everyone in Sea of Theives: A Pirate’s Life

Following the announcement Rare studios made at E3 last Sunday, we will be getting the quirky Captain Sparrow and his nemesis, Davy Jones in Sea of Theives: A Pirate’s Life. Featuring some of the iconic scenes from the movie franchise, familiar music and also themed rewards for the players to unlock!


Captain Jack Sparrow is more than a NPC, he will be part of your crew and will help you in battle against Davy Jones’ ghost ships, Siren Statues, and more. Furthermore, he will be hanging around your ship and will tell you when your resources are low and will even allow you to take selfies with him. Now that is one savvy pirate.

A Pirate’s Life will also take players to brand new locations like the Sea of the Damned, Sailor’s Grave, and the Sunken Kingdom. An interesting note is that these new locations are linked to the main world by the Tunnels of the Damned. This area connects the game’s main world to the Sea of the Damned, allowing players to move where they need to go without impacting the main game negatively.

One of these locations, the Sailor’s Grave, also features a tavern, gambling den, a ton of lore, and much more just waiting to be found, including a Easter Egg in the form of a ship that should make fans very happy.

There will also be a new weapon, Trident of Dark Tides. It can blast a powerful attack at enemies and can be found and used by the player in A Pirate’s Life and in the main Sea of Thieves adventure.

So get your hands on this game on Xbox or Steam with OffGamers today! Yo-ho yo-ho a pirate’s life for me.



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