Carbine Studios Is Shutting Down WildStar Servers In November

Carbine Studios’ WildStar MMORPG will be shutting down its game service permanently on November 28.


NCsoft confirmed that the game server will be shut down and as a form of their appreciation to the WildStar community, the company is releasing a huge update that increases the drop rate of the in-game currency Omnibits, players will be upgraded to Signature status, seasonal and rotating items on store is purchasable with Omnibits, increased Essence gain and much more.

These are the events that players can participate before the game’s official closure in November:

September 26–November 28
– Double XP, Glory Days, Power Prestige and PvP, and Blessing of Essence will be on from now until shutdown.

October 12–19
– Residential Renovation, with the Battle Chase reward set available during this occurrence.

October 19–November 2
– Jack Shade is back to fright and delight in Shade’s Eve.

November 9–23
– Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza is back for one, last, shopping frenzy.

November 24–27
– Take to the skies (or at least a foot off the ground) in the zPrix Invitational!

November 28
– Join us in-game for the final few hours as we have some fun. More details to come!

wildstar boss

The studio will provide refunds on any cash purchases players have made since July 1, 2018 from its store and also Steam. Players will also be getting refunds for the Prepaid Signature Memberships that extend past September 26. All refunds be processed by October 3, 2018.