Carry The Wastelands In Your Pocket With Fallout Shelter

For the longest time, Android users had to watch iOS users with envy as they immersed themselves with Fallout Shelter, the mobile game developed by Bethesda Game Studio based on the popular Fallout series.


If you haven’t heard of Fallout Shelter (where the heck you’ve been hiding?!), it’s a free-to-play mobile vault management sim that was unveiled during Bethesda’s press conference at E3 this past June. The game was revealed and released on the same day, but unfortunately, it was only available for iOS.

It wasn’t until last month that Bethesda announced the release date from QuakeCon during a Fallout panel. Of course, the release wasn’t just a rehash of the iOS version, plenty of updates came with the Android release, which will also be included in the update patch for iOS. Check below for the details on the updates:

What’s New in Version 1.1

— To ensure your experience is enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, Vault-Tec engineers have implemented some exciting new features!

— Overseers should be on the lookout for new threats  to their Vault Dwellers. Some Vaults have reported attacks by burrowing Mole Rats and enraged Deathclaws – likely attracted by the sound of new construction.

— Vault-Tec has partnered with General Atomics International in order to offer Overseers their very own robot butler – the Mister Handy! Now you lazier Overseers have a friendly, entertaining alternative to tapping and collecting resources. (Crumpets not included.)

— Our engineers totally underestimated the, “ahem”, usefulness of living quarters to stimulate Vault growth, resulting in gross overpopulation and decreased Vault efficiency. Rest assured, the simulation has been adjusted, and Vaults of shapes and sizes should now run more smoothly.

— Not content with stealing your Vault’s resources, some rather enterprising Raiders have now resorted to stealing Caps as well. (If you haven’t armed your Vault Dwellers yet, now’s the time!)

— As Vault-Tec does not approve of the use of unsanctioned levitation technology, all Vault Dwellers that were found floating through the air have been grounded. Permanently.

— Some of the more difficult daily objective requirements have been adjusted to more obtainable levels. You’re welcome.

— Continued general maintenance to the Vault simulation. Because an efficient machine is a happy machine.

All that updates is going to be useful when you face the latest monster to join Fallout Shelter, the definitely overpowered Deathclaws. If your Vault gets attacked by these guys, better prepare for an all-out-war because the Deathclaws attacks fast and furiously. You’ll definitely end up with some casualties in the end.

Fallout Shelter is available now for Android and iOS devices for free. You can download it from the Google Play Store HERE and you can download from the Apple App Store HERE.

Source: Fallout Shelter Arrives On Android

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