@Cash MY:Special Force 2 Hard Core Patch

* M4A1 Ice Phoenix
* HK23E EOTech Flecktarn

* HardCore/Desert
* HardCore/Construction Site
* Team Deathmatch/Temple


Ingame Events:

Guard that Goldtruck!
Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Map: Dust City
Mode: Gold Rush
Points to Win: 15000
Avatar Requirement: Sahara
* G36C EOTech Metallic Blue (10pcs)
* Virus FX All in One Capsule (10pcs)
* Deadwalk FX All in One Capsule (10pcs)
* Tomahawk Capsule (20pcs)


The following capsules will be removed:

* Sahara
* ACR EOTech Silencer Laserpointer Gold
* MP7A1 Opendot Gold
* MG4 Eotech Metallic Blue
* CZ700 S2S Valentine FX

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Special Force 2


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