Celebrate Lunar New Year with FC Mobile Bonus Points, Only on OffGamers!

FC Mobile Bonus Points

Special Lunar New Year promo just for you! Starting from February 5, 2024, to February 18, 2024, enjoy a 20% bonus on FC Mobile Bonus Points every time you recharge your EA FC Mobile Points on OffGamers. Yes, you heard it right! – extra points to make your dream team stronger and become a world champion.

FC Mobile Bonus Silver

Also, you can redeem your bonus of FC Mobile Silver 10% every time you recharge your EA FC Silver only on OffGamers!

Imagine what can you do with such an amount of Silver and Points – you could snag that Star Pass you’ve been eyeing and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive rewards. From top-notch player cards to game-changing power-ups, the Star Pass is your golden ticket to a winning gaming experience.

But hey, maybe you’re more of a strategist. With all those bonus points and Silver, buying Player Packs could be your game plan. Build the dream team you’ve always envisioned, with star players from around the virtual world. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your gaming legacy!

Hurry, hurry! The Lunar New Year Bonus promotion is like a red envelope waiting to be claimed, but it won’t stick around forever. It’s a now-or-never situation, so grab your device, log in, and let the gaming festivities begin.

Recharge your FC Mobile, and receive FC Mobile Bonus Points and Silver on OffGamers now! 🎮✨

Bonus FC Mobile Points

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