Celebrate the New Year in MapleStory M with Five New Dungeons and Exciting Events

MapleStory M, Nexon’s free-to-play mobile MMORPG, is kicking off 2022 with a variety of exciting events celebrating upcoming holidays along with new Arcane River dungeons for high level players, three more new dungeons in The Edge of Space, improved ways to level up, and rebalancing for characters.

This update adds two new dungeons in the Arcane River region: Erda Spectrum and Hungry Muto. These new party quests feature tapping minigames and can only be entered by players level 200 (Erda Spectrum) or 215 (Hungry Muto) and higher. Maplers will receive five free tickets per week for the dungeons and can earn rewards including Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbols.

Additionally, three more new dungeons will be added to The Edge of Space, where Maplers can battle monsters for a limited time each day. Maplers level 140 and higher can also celebrate the New Year with an improved leveling experience, featuring new daily quests with higher EXP rewards to expedite the leveling process. Various characters will be rebalanced, while the Guild Fort Battle will temporarily close down before reopening again in February.

The start of 2022 also brings a number of events celebrating upcoming holidays and more:

  • Starforce Enhancement Event – On January 28 and January 31, Maplers can celebrate Lunar New Year with a discount on Starforce enhancement costs.
  • Teddy’s Family Bucket List – From January 19 through February 15, players can participate in six different mini-events to earn Teddy event coins and other rewards based on their ranking in each event. The event shop will remain open until February 22.
    • Potion Pyramid: Players can stack potions in the shape of a pyramid, competing against other players
    • Teddy’s Bowling Class: A bowling minigame where players can adjust the power of the bowling ball using the bowling gauge
    • Teddy’s Garden: An EXP buff event that grants rewards by the amount and type of flowers grown
    • Teddy’s Baking Challenge: Exchange event items collected from field hunting for various rewards
    • Kittin’ Around with Teddy’s Cat: Take care of Teddy’s cats to earn special and cumulative rewards
    • I Love Yummy Food Event!: A minigame where players score points by dodging objects
  • Teddy’s 14-Day Attendance Event – From January 19 through February 9, Maplers can earn rewards for logging in for up to 14 days. These rewards can include Teddy event coins, a Legendary Rebirth Flame, Red Meso exchange tickets, and more.
  • Bittersweet Valentine’s Day Event – Love is in the air from February 9 through February 23, when Maplers will experience a special Valentine’s Day story quest! Players can also collect ingredients from field hunting to exchange for a gift box full of EXP tickets, Auto Battle tickets, and much more.


To learn more about MapleStory M, visit the App Store or Google Play Store page and follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for the latest updates.



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