Celebrate The Opening of Book VI and New Summoner Duels Mode in Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for Android and iOS. The game was released on February 2, 2017 and today we will be celebrating the opening of Book VI and the new Summoner Duels Mode.

Book VI

The Order of Heroes sets out to investigate a mysterious darkness plaguing a village in their homeland of Askr. While investigating, they comes across Princess Veronica, who reports a similar phenomenon happening in Embla. With the assistance of a new ally in the form of Ash, retainer to the Divine Dragon Askr, Prince Alfonse and the others work to track down their suspected source of the encroaching dark: the dragon Embla. Despite her good intentions and willingness to assist the Order, Veronica is compelled by Embla to bring about an end to all who stand with Askr. Now the Order must fight for a future in which the people of Askr and Embla can stand side by side. —— Official Book VI Description

5★ Mythic Hero Ash: Retainer to Askr will join your barracks if you clear Part 5 of Chapter 1 of Book VI, the main story on Normal difficulty.

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Book VI Begins Log-In Bonus (December 6 11:00pm PT ~ December 20 10:59pm PT)

• 120 of 4 types of Dragonflowers
• 1,200 Divine Codes (Part 2)

Book VI Begins Quests

Quests that can be completed by clearing the story maps of Books I and VI, as well as other quests, are available. Clearing specific maps under certain conditions will reward two copies of the new 5★ Hero, Miriel: Rapier Intellect.

• 3 Orbs | 1,800 Divine Codes (Part 2) | 60 of each type of Dragonflower
• Miriel: Rapeir Intellect will be summonable as 4★ and 3★ Hero in the Legendary Hero summoning event to be held at the end of this month.

Aether Raids Quests and Book VI Aether Raids Structures

Clear Aether Raids to earn Frosty Aether Stones to build special Structures, such as the Ash Statue, Elm Statue, and Flag of Embla.

Book VI Castle Design

All players will receive a new Castle design called Closed-Off Castle. You can change your design by selecting Shop -> Upgrade Castle -> Change Design.

Double EXP & SP Events

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Summoner Duels

Face off against summoners from around the world in synchronous one-on-one battles in the Coliseum. Summoner Duels teams consist of five Heroes, including a captain. You can equip your captain with a Captain Skill that is specific to the Summoner Duels mode, and you can raise your captain’s Favor Level by participating in Favor Battles! —— Official Summoner Duels Description

Favor Battles —— Select your favorite Hero as your team’s captain. Their Facor Level will increase regardless of battle results. Based on their level, you will earn Forma Souls, Dragonflowers, and more as rewards.

Free Duel —— Set up a duel with specific players by setting up a Password and making custom rules.

Practice Duel —— Battle against AI to test out your team in regular duel or custom rules.




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