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Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras

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World Of Warcraft
World Of Warcraft


Return to the Broken Shore

The demonic forces of the Burning Legion have built massive structures on the Broken Shore as a base of operations for their assault on Azeroth. It’s here that the Horde and the Alliance experienced a series of tragedies at the hands of the Legion. Now that they’ve regrouped, acquired their new weapons of power, and recruited new allies, it’s time to make a triumphant return.

Where factions failed, the Class Orders will succeed. Each class will continue their Class Order Campaign on the Broken Shore, and a new faction will be introduced: the Armies of Legionfall. Players will take part in helping build the Legionfall base to establish the initial foothold on the island, then work their way through the Legion’s defenses and eventually reach the stronghold.

To do this, the Class Orders will need to work together build up their forces by fortifying ancient elven buildings and upgrading them into one of three buildings—Nether Disruptor, Command Center, or Mage Tower—which will provide additional benefits.

Players will also discover new World Quests on the Broken Shore—along with other new challenges.


Legion Assaults

Remember the Legion invasions across Azeroth prior to the expansion’s launch? As the fight against the Legion intensifies, new assaults will be unleashed within the various zones of the Broken Isles, and heroes will be implored to thwart them once again. As the assaults intensify, the battle will culminate in a new three-player scenario that takes the fight to the Legion ships above.



If you haven’t been working your way through Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One, make sure you’re well on your way before the introduction of Part Two. Once players have earned this achievement, they’ll be rewarded with Broken Isles Flying account-wide.

What’s even better than flying over the Broken Isles? Flying over them on your own new epic class mount! By completing the Broken Shore campaign and maxing out your Legionfall reputation, you’ll be rewarded a mount that’s unique to your class as a symbol of your dedication to defeating the Legion.


New Raid Zone: Tomb of Sargeras

On the opposite end of the Broken Shore, the Tomb of Sargeras lies in wait. Formerly the Temple of Elune, this raid dungeon will contain nine new bosses to conquer. After gaining the fifth Pillar of Creation—the Eye of Aman’Thul—from within the Nighthold, you’ll descend into the depths of the tomb and use the pillars to seal the portal through which the Legion entered Azeroth.
New Dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Night

It’s been some time since we’ve added a new dungeon in a patch, so we thought it was about time. Patch 7.2 also features a new four-boss dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Night. While the raid descends into the tomb, the dungeon ascends into the upper reaches of the spire. You’ll use the Aegis of Aggramar to open the rest of the tomb.


PvP Brawls

Inspired by other Blizzard games’ Brawl modes, Battleground Brawls will alter the typical rulesets in Battlegrounds. A new Brawl will be available weekly, which will add variety to the gameplay and give players some fun new activities to check out. Here are a few examples:

– Southshore vs. Tarren Mill – Dive into this classic large-scale game of team deathmatch.
– Instant-Cap Warsong Gulch – You don’t need to protect your own flag. Just grab and go!
– Packed House: 15 v 15 Arena – Who needs elbow room?
– Gravity Lapse – Defy the law of gravity in this brawl.
– Winter Arathi Basin – Low visibility and iced over waterways await you.
– Eye of the Horn – Mounted ram fights are the new PvP.


Artifact Updates

Artifact weapons are one of the major features of the expansion, with many players increasing their Artifact Knowledge, unlocking new traits, and customizing the looks of their weapons to suit their characters. As a part of Patch 7.2, we’re making a few new system updates to go along with all that.

The first of these updates is the addition of new Artifact traits that can be earned and unlocked via a new Artifact campaign, which you can embark on once you’ve maxed out your Artifact weapon. There will be at least three new traits per weapon, and you can unlock the ability to spend a fourth point on every existing minor trait on your weapon. There will be approximately 15 new traits for players to earn and spend to upgrade and customize their character.

There will also be new Artifact Knowledge levels to make sure there are adequate catch-up mechanics for those who switch between characters, have alts, or are just coming into the expansion a bit late.

For additional variety and customization, we’re adding new relics that modify two Artifact traits instead of just one, so that players can further guide the direction they want their character to progress.

Beyond unlocking new traits, the new Artifact campaign will provide an opportunity for players to show mastery of their class with a solo skill challenge, which will unlock a new appearance for their chosen spec weapon. These appearances have been inspired by previous class questlines that led to weapons like Anathema/Benediction, and Rhok’delar. No grouping required—or allowed—and completing the challenge will reward a truly distinctive appearance.


Dungeon Updates

Even as we’re adding new dungeons, we’re also working to keep dungeons relevant through the entirety of the expansion.

Karazhan offers an opportunity for Mythic Keystones, but at nine bosses, it’s a bit large to fit within the Keystone structure. To address this, we’re splitting the dungeon into Upper and Lower Karazhan. There will be two separate four-boss sections that will fit into the system alongside existing dungeons and the new Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon. This will bring the total of Mythic Keystone dungeons to 12.

To make sure all Mythic Keystone dungeons are kept relevant, we’ll also bump up the baseline difficulty, along with increasing the item rewards. To go along with this, we’ll also be experimenting with some new affixes on Keystones.

Players will get to see Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras on the PTR some time after the launch of Patch 7.1.5.


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