Changes That Can Benefit Pokemon UNITE

Changes That Can Benefit Pokemon UNITE


Since its release for the Switch, Pokemon UNITE has been the constant highlight in the video game conversation.

As it is the first Nintendo and Pokemon MOBA, it was just a matter of time before people pointed out certain improvements that can be made to the game. 

For what it is worth, long-time MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2 that have been here for almost a decade still have some jarring issues and potential improvements that have been ignored – what we’re trying to say is that it is not uncommon for MOBAs to have issues.

Adding to the fact that Pokemon UNITE is a very recent game with minimal bugs and errors is pretty commendable. That said, there will always be room for improvement!


Pokemon Unite Quick Chat


Add More Chat Lines


Teamwork is an essential core of MOBA and Pokemon UNITE requires the best coordination from all of the players to seamlessly win the match.

Unlike the PC, using a Switch to chat in-game can be very inconvenient due to its non-stop gameplay.

While the existing chat lines are good, we think that more command lines should be added to make communication better. 

For instance, they should add chat lines like “Requesting a Gank” which could be a good addition to let your teammates know that the enemy is having a great time at the lane and you would need some help to hinder their progress.

Additionally, adding positive chat lines like “Well Played” or “Good Job” can also act as a morale boost when your team accomplishes an objective.


Pokemon Unite Tournament


Host More Tournaments


We are extremely glad that the first Pokemon UNITE tournament will be happening from July 31 ‘till August 1.

Keep it up. Many MOBA games fall off due to the lack of exposure. Tournaments like The International are one of the major reasons that is keeping DOTA 2 relevant.

And with online tournaments being reasonably successful during this pandemic—with TI Qualifiers and all—there is absolutely no reason as to why Pokemon UNITE tourneys should not be aggressively organised.

Not only does this give the game more spotlight, it is also able to make the game more competitive which also translates into motivation for existing players to improve at the game.


Pokemon Unite Zapdos


A Necessary Nerf For Zapdos


Overpowered or OP characters in MOBAs are not uncommon. It can be fun but if it’s game-breaking or almost an auto-win, the developers need to do something about it.

Zapdos in Pokemon UNITE is very busted. Capturing this legendary electric bird during the late-game is almost a win, even if your team is extremely behind in score due to its absurd score point buff.

Of course we would not want to see Zapdos being completely removed from the roster, but a change is definitely needed. Perhaps, reducing its multiplier or reworking its buff mechanic to make it more balanced.


Pokemon Unite Tutorial


A Better In-Game Tutorial


This might be a shot in the dark, but we assume that most Pokemon enthusiasts are RPG fans and with minimal to zero experience at MOBA games.

Having a comprehensive in-game guide with a nice user interface can be a good introduction to convoluted mechanics like team synergy and map movement.

Like FIFA and DOTA 2, these games have mini games that let the players get a feel for the game where they also blend in important mechanics for players to understand.

This will also undoubtedly make newer players play better and can potentially avoid them from getting stomped during their first few online matches.


Pokemon Unite Draft Phase


Implement A Draft Phase


As Nintendo plans to add more Pokemon into the game, a draft phase will help keep the selection phase more structured and balanced.

A draft phase is basically having a turn-based pick and ban selection. Players will then be able to play around the meta like banning certain ‘flavor-of-the-month’ Pokemon or perhaps first picking a counter to that Pokemon to avoid others picking it.

This is the same reason as to why most leading MOBA titles have a very developed drafting phase as this gives the game more depth and also encourages players to discuss within their team on how they should approach the game with their team draft.


Pokemon Unite Aeos Coins Limit


Increase the Aeos Coin Limit


Like the FIFA games, Pokemon UNITE rewards the players with a certain amount of Aeos Coins when they successfully finish a challenge or simply just complete a match.

These coins are the in-game currency of the game and can be used on the store for held-items and Pokemon licenses.

While the mechanics of it are fine, the problem here is that there is a limit to the amount of Aeos Coins you can earn each week.

With a capped amount of coins you can earn, players will now have a weaker incentive to play the game.

We think that the easiest way to go around this is to remove the cap completely or maybe increase the rate of the coins earned for challenges and match completions.

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