Character Confirmed for One Piece: Odyssey!

The upcoming One Piece: Odyssey sees the Straw Hat Pirates landing on a mysterious island, giving fans access to several playable characters.

One Piece: Odyssey from Namco Bandai, one of the biggest highlights during Summer Game Fest where it is the RPG manga-based game and inspired by the works of One Piece creator – Eiichiro Oda is also have a hand in contributing designs for One Piece: Odyssey. This game will lead the player with the Straw Hat Pirates to a mysterious island somewhere in the Great Line.

One Piece: Odyssey was said to be in development for three years before this recent announcement and is slated to be released sometime in 2022. This week, Bandai Namco shared the first-ever gameplay trailer for the upcoming One Piece: Odyssey and there was a lot to be excited for, especially the playable characters that are confirmed to appear in the game.

Monkey D. Luffy

It wouldn’t be a One Piece game without the one and only Monkey D. Luffy. The One Piece protagonist finds himself separated from not only his signature straw hat, but from the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates too. He finds himself on a mysterious island inhabited by golem-like creatures, which he’ll take on through One Piece: Odyssey‘s Persona-like battle UI.


Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa is one of the longest-serving members of the Straw Hat Pirates, as he was the first to join after Luffy established the crew. He is one of two swordsmen of the Thousand Sunny and is a master of the Three Sword Style, one that he himself created. In One Piece: Odyssey, players can look forward to playing the swordsman himself during their adventures.



“Cat Burglar” Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates who dreams of making a map of the entire world. Formerly a member of the Arlong Pirates, she joined the Straw Hats after they rebelled against her former crew. Nami is far from a weak character and it’s no surprise that she’ll also be a playable character in the upcoming One Piece: Odyssey.



During the recent trailer, Usopp was included in the list of playable characters in One Piece: Odyssey. The cowardly sniper is one of the best designed of the Straw Hat Pirates and dreams of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a brave warrior.



The former prince of the Germa Kingdom, Sanji, is another core member of the Straw Hat Pirates that fans can look forward to playing. The cook comes from a family of genetically augmented assassins, and after the Wano Country arc, there is debate on whether Sanji could still be considered human unlike his siblings.



Chopper has one of the saddest backstories in One Piece after eating the Devil Fruit, which allows the consumer to become a human hybrid. After his transformation, he was abandoned by his herd and the humans of his home, Drum Island, looked upon him as a monster. Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, so players could utilize him for healing the crew.


Nico Robin

Known as the ‘Devil Child,’ Nico Robin is the crew’s resident archeologist and has also been confirmed as a playable character in the upcoming One Piece: Odyssey. She obtained the power to duplicate body parts after eating the ‘Hana Hana no Mi’ Devil Fruit as a child, which also allows her to replicate her entire body.



Straw Hat Pirates shipwright ‘Iron Man’ Franky was also showcased during the One Piece: Odyssey trailer as a playable character. Thanks in part to his nature as a cyborg, Franky is considered one of the strongest characters in One Piece who don’t need haki.



The skeleton Brook is the crew’s resident musician who ate the ‘Yomi Yomi no Mi’ Devil Fruit, earning him the ability to return to life and the power to control souls. Brook is considered one of Chopper’s closest friends in the series, the two being like kindred spirits.


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