Check Out These Games From NetEase!

NetEase is a leading Chinese-based internet and gaming company that has been making big moves in the gaming industry in Asia through PC and mobile games. In fact, they are currently one of the largest internet and video game companies in the world. Their games range from mobile battle royales to RPG adventure games, as you will see soon enough.

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Do note that Pudding Pay only supports Android devices. Alright, now here are some good games that we think would interest you to finally take the dive into the world of NetEase games.


Check Out These Games From NetEase!


A game of survival in a post-apocalyptic world that was ravaged by a virus that renders humans into zombies, all in the palm of your hand. With the coming of Season 3 that sees the inclusion of upgraded zombies on land, air, and water – comes sea combat, and a lot of death is now close at hand. If you need any upgrades or items from the shop, you could always just get some LifeAfter Credits as well

The game has up to five graphic options for you to choose from based on the capacity of your device, and the controls placement is well designed across the screen on mobiles. Did we mention that this game is also playable offline? You don’t have to wait for an internet connection, just jump into it right away. With an objective to build a sanctuary to survive and rebuild humanity, it’s time for you to shoulder the burden!


Knives Out

As a group battle royale, teamwork is how you survive and make the dream of achieving victory a reality in this game. The game takes place in a 6400m x 6400m battle arena against 100 other players, so make sure at least one of you survives!

The game has now made its way to Season 16 with 11 game modes to try out for teams and 4 game modes to try out under Classic. There’s also a various number of players to play with from Solo to Firefight which accommodates up to five players. The game is reminiscent of PUBG Mobile, so if you enjoyed that, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well!


Identity V

Looking for some fuel to burn your horror needs and nightmares? Look no further! Identity V is an asymmetrical horror game where players would have to outrun a hunter who is out to kill them. It is a 1 vs 4 game, so you and three others would have to work together to decipher codes and fix machines in order to make it out of this game alive. Either that, or you’ll be the one hunting down your friends.

With a gothic visual style from the Victorian era and creepy music to enhance the experience, this game is nightmare fuel. Not only that, but the map is randomized for each playthrough, so you’re never sure where the position of everything is. There are multiple customizable characters to play as and a compelling storyline to follow, so good luck and have fun!


Rules of Survival

The availability of a 300 player battle royale, one of the largest battle royale capacities available out there – Rules of Survival is in it to win it! There are different modes to choose from, as with most battle royales – Solo, Duo, Squad, and Fireteam. The catch is simple, be the last person or team standing, and you’ll win the game.

There are two playable maps in the game: Ghillie Island with a capacity of 120 players and Fearless Fiord with a capacity of 300 players. The modes available within the game are Gold Mode, Diamond Mode, and Blitzkrieg. Each mode has its own perks and quirks, so you won’t be getting bored anytime soon.


Onmyoji Arena

A 5v5 battle with six classes to choose from – Mage, Samurai, Ninja, Marksman, Tank, and Support; you’ll have a blast trying out the wide range of over 92 unique characters the game has to offer. Widely known and marketed as the ‘fairest MOBA game’, Onmyoji Arena thrives to create a level playing field for everyone, with a battle of skills, strategy, and hard rules.

The game has recently rolled out its 3rd Anniversary update, with more rewards and epic skins so it is a good time as any if you’re thinking of trying it out! This one is for the gamers who love strategizing and grinding in a battle arena.


Revelation Online

If you’re itching to play a mobile MMORPG, look no further! Revelation Online is here to satisfy all your needs. With a world inspired by the Chinese fantasy writer Jiang Nan, you will be captivated within a world influenced by Chinese mythology and folklore. Featuring an open world and over 100 hours of story content along with raids and dungeons to explore, this game is a treat to experience!

If you’re new to the MMORPG world, Revelation Online is a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the open-world mechanics and gameplay. There are options to marry other players, keep pets as well as battle strong mythical creature bosses.



NetEase is slowly building their arsenal of games, and it would come as no surprise if we see these games in the big league one day. They’re already doing pretty well in their birth country, so we’re just excited to see them take over the gaming world globally. 

Do let us know what you think of the games above or if there are other NetEase games we should take note of in the comments below!