Child of Light

Child of Light


From one screen to another, Child of Light has committed fully to a hand crafted aesthetic, with its stunning backdrop that seemed like it is ready to be put in a frame and be displayed to an art gallery.

A lot of players love the game not only because of its high level of overall quality but because of how warm the characters and the environment of the game are.

The dark silhouettes of ancient and gnarled trees can be seen through the foreground which adds a sense of depth to its painting like forest scenes as well as the dreary caverns that have given way to the towering windmills in the midst of the beautiful rolling hillsides.

Each of the sites possesses a rare and naturalistic beauty that players will certainly not be able to resist.

The endearing Shakespearean ambience reinforces the fairytale sensibilities of the game plot but also keep players from getting fully absorbed on the characters of the game.

It features a traveling jester who cannot seem to figure out how the rhyming works. There is also a hopeless romantic mouse archer and a beautiful young girl named Aurora who will try to save her father instead of him saving her.

None of the characters has adhered to the overly worn and widely accepted conventions of some powerful men and sexualized women. But the main highlight is perhaps on Aurora’s transformation from being a seemingly frightened child to become a hero of her own story and is framed by filial strife, which has made her journey to become deeply personal despite of the broad strokes that it is painted with.

There is a feeling of sentimentality and warmth than can be seen in each and every aspect of Child of Light. From the character portraits on the menus up to the lovingly detailed hit animations during the battle, the result is a kind of experience that feels less like a powerful fantasy, but more like a cherished memory of the childhood bedtime story.


child of light


Game Description

Child of Light is a type of role playing video game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game was released for PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows, Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The player will play the role of the main character, Aurora, a beautiful child that was stolen from her home and in her quest to return, was asked to bring back the moon, sun and the stars that were in captivity by the Queen of the Night.

Aurora, the main character of the game, is a girl from Austria who has contracted a physical ailment that will soon kill her. There was a protection spell that was cast by her mother which has caused Aurora to wake up on an altar right within Lemuria, a mythical land. This land has its own moon, stars and sun and was stolen by Umbra, the Dark Queen.

Aurora has been tasked to recover the celestial bodies until she eventually reunites with her father, who was a duke. Assisted by Igniculus, her playful companion which is a firefly, Aurora will have to face her fears during this modern take in a coming of age fairy tale story.

The gameplay of the game features a side scroller that comes with RPG elements, like leveling up in order to increase the stats as the game progresses. It also includes battling with enemies that make use of a system that resembles that of the Active Time Battle system that is commonly used on the Final Fantasy series, such as the Grandia.


child of light



Child of Light is among the most sought after role playing games of today. Its interesting story and characters have certainly captured the heart of so many online gamers worldwide. But aside from these, here are other reasons why a lot of players love this game.

• Extremely captivating presentation.
• Gorgeous visuals and great soundtrack.
• Excellent battle system which is among the genre’s very best.
• Perfect mix of role playing and platforming.


Like most of the role playing games of today, Child of Light has also its own flaws and here are some of them.

• The character upgrade feature of the game is a total mess.
• The difficulty level is a bit too low regardless of the option that you will choose.
• The rhyming dialogue is annoying and it just spoils the storytelling.


Child of Light is truly a remarkable adventure. You may not appreciate the game on the first couple of hours, but as soon as the game will progress, you will find yourself entertained with its exciting adventures and wonderful gameplay.

The combat is worthy to be praised as it is both engaging and interesting and it truly has a high point for this kind of adventure. But this is not the only thing that makes the Child of Light to stand out. It is on how confident it is with its own feelings of woe.

As you go through the game, you will be introduced to a lot of whole new elements, with the main character learning how to fly at an early stage. Nevertheless, it would take several hours for her to be able to meet all of her allies, with each character having their own style of combat.

The character customization may not be the game’s strongest point, but still it is something that you might enjoy.
The game allows you to level up each character so often that it could eventually become a chore to choose which new ability you will unlock.

Perhaps, the only major complaint that you may have on the game is that it is truly very easy, regardless of how difficult the level you will choose, so if you want a real challenge, Child of Light might not be the game for you. This might not be an issue, but even those who are inexperienced in role playing games will certainly find the difficult level to be lacking certain elements.



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