Chill out this Weekend with Arcane’s Soundtracks | Imagine Dragons

You cannot possible not heard of Arcane‘s collaboration with Imagine Dragons right? Kicking out their new song with JID comes ‘Enemy‘, spend your weekend with their new track and dive into the world of Arcane!

Imagine Dragons has worked with Riot to create “Warriors”, the official song for Worlds 2014. This time, they are collaborating with the American rapper JID to create the opening theme song “Enemy” for Arcane. Except for creating the song, Imagine Dragons themselves are also featured with a brief cameo in the music video in animated style. The mv and song expressed Jinx’s childhood life and how she’s led to a life of crime. A few hint about Jinx falling out between her sister Vi which build their relationship in Arcane.

Imagine Dragons x J.I.D - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends) - YouTube

There are more songs created specifically for Arcane and more are released as the the series goes live. A few are released on Riot Games Music’s YouTube channel, Spotify and Apple Music.

• Enemy by Imagine Dragons ft. JID | Main Title Theme
• Playground by Bea Miller | Episode 1
• Our Love by Curtis Harding and Jazmine Sullivan | Episode 2
• Goodbye by Ramsey | Episode 3
• Get Jinxed! by Agnete Kjølsrud (Djerv) | Episode 4
• Dirty Little Animals by Bones UK | Episode 4
• Guns For Hire by Woodkid | Episode 6

Chill out this weekend with Arcane‘s soundtracks now!



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