China Is Making A Splatoon Ripoff For Mobile Devices

Not contend in making clones of Clash Royale and Overwatch, another big gaming franchise from Nintendo will be getting the China clone treatment. Get ready to play the (eerily similar) Splatoon clone on mobile devices!

Splatoon China Clone

That is until Nintendo shuts it down.

The news of the Splatoon clone came about on Twitter ZhugeEX who tweeted out screenshots of the game. A YouTube video was available online but has since been taken down by Nintendo (but you can check a Youku clip here).

From the character designs to the gameplay, and even the music, it’s basically a straight up copy of Splatoon, albeit for mobile devices. Given that the game is being made in China, where copyright laws are slightly more lax, it remains to be seen if Nintendo will take any legal action.

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Source: Twitter

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