Choosing Your Covenant in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

After two grueling years, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is finally here. So far, the expansion has been a success, attracting long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Of all the new features added to this expansion (more on that shortly), the addition of Covenants is one of the most exciting. Which one will you choose? We’ll help you decide, but first, make sure that you’re ready for the new expansion by getting your World of Warcraft Game Cards and Battlenet Cards today.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Shadowlands Expansion: What You Need to Know

new features
Shadowlands is World of Warcraft’s eighth expansion, and it’s loaded with new features:

  • Levels squish for faster progression
  • Covenants
  • Mega dungeon
  • 5 new zones


The expansion was released on November 23rd and 24th. The story is one of the most exciting yet, taking players into the unknown.

Sylvanas Windrunner has torn away the veil between the living and the dead. An ancient force is at work trying to “unravel reality.” To stop this force of destruction, you’ll venture through lands unknown on the other side – the world of the departed.

To learn more about the lore, check out our article Everything We Know About The Lore Leading Up To Shadowlands.

Shadowlands introduces a new leveling system, character customization options, and Covenants. Whether you’re new to WoW or haven’t played in a while, you may not know much about this new feature.

What You Need to Know About Covenants

available covenants

Shadowlands has four new questing zones, each ruled by a powerful Covenant. When you reach the maximum level of 60, you can choose to join one of these Covenants to unravel more mysteries and go on more adventures.

Each Covenant provides different followers known as Soulbinds. Soulbinds have talent trees that impact your gameplay. As you progress through each zone, you’ll get a feel for what each follower offers and what you can expect from each Covenant.

How to Choose Covenants

Choosing a Covenant isn’t an easy decision, and it’s not something you want to change later (not ideally anyway). You’ll be putting a lot of time and energy into bolstering your Covenant’s operations and gaining reputation.

There are a few exclusive things that each Covenant offers:

  • 1 special ability that everyone in the Covenant can use
  • 1 special ability that is unique to your class
  • A unique armor set
  • A mount
  • A battle pet
  • Soulbinds that give you special powers, traits, and bonuses


Each Covenant hub also has a special minigame that is exclusive to that faction. They have max-level questlines to follow, unique abilities for the dungeons in their zones, and different ways to get around (i.e. teleport) their zones.

There is no right or wrong decision when choosing a Covenant. It ultimately comes down to which faction appeals to you (abilities, armor, and all).

Again, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what each Covenant is all about by the time you reach the maximum level and made your way through all questing zones.

And here’s some good news: Once you make it through 60 with one character, you can choose a Covenant on any alternate characters at level 50. So, if you have a collection of high-level alts, you can try out different Covenants on each one to see which ones you like best.

How to Change Covenants and Consequences

how to change

If you decide that you made the wrong decision and want to change Covenants, the process is pretty simple and straightforward.

  • Head over to The Enclave area of Oribos.
  • Talk to the NPC of the Covenant you wish to join

You’ll have to go through a few confirmations just to make sure that you want to change Covenants before it goes through.

You won’t have to go through any extra steps to join a Covenant for the first time, but you will have to go through their campaign quest all over again. Your Renown with the faction will also be at zero.

What if you decide to rejoin a faction? Great news – you get to keep all of the progress you made before you switched. There’s just one thing: You’ll have to regain their trust all over again.

To win back their trust, you’ll have to do some questing. This could be world quests, collecting treasure, killing rares, or doing dungeons. Don’t be too alarmed. Rebuilding trust won’t take too long.

Shadowlands Covenants: Which One Will You Choose?

Kyrian Covenant/Bastion


The Kyrian’s primary realm is Bastion. Known as Angelic Soul Guides, the Kyrian escort souls from the land of the living to the land of the dead. This Covenant values service, virtue, and righteousness.



The Kyrian’s signature ability is Summon Steward, which calls an owl companion to send you a Phial of Serenity every five minutes. Each Phial heals you for 20% of your health and removes all debuffs, including curses, poisons, diseases and bleeds.

You also get a random additional effect once a day, which can include increasing your movement speed, reducing cooldowns, boosting your stats or even giving Phials to your friends.

The other ability that every member gets is a Personal Steward of your choosing who will grow in power along with you.



The three Kyrian soulbinds and their benefits include:



  • Combat Meditation: Using a Kyrian ability boosts your mastery slightly for a duration. Occasionally, you’ll expel Sorrowful Memories, and if you walk through them, it will extend the effect for a short amount of time.
  • Bond of Friendship: Each enemy you defeat slightly reduces the cooldown of your steward’s non-phial services.



  • Valiant Strikes: Affects you and your allies. Critical strikes give you stacks of Valiant Strikes. When you reach the maximum number of stacks, you heal your nearby allies for 5% of their health over ten seconds.
  • Ascendant Phial: Phial of Serenity makes you immune to bleed, diseases, curses, and poison for a short time.


Forgelite Prime Mikanikos

  • Bron’s Call to Action: Using a significant number of abilities and spells will summon Bron, who will attack and heal targets.
  • Charged Additive: Phial of Serenity will push nearby enemies away from you.


Armor Sets/Covenant Cloaks

Kyrian armor sets have wings and halos, with colors of blue, gold, and white. Their cloak follows this angelic theme.



When you join this Covenant, you get access to their seat of power: Elysian Hold. As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade the sanctum’s features.


Path of Ascension

The Kyrian’s unique feature is the Path of Ascension, which gives Soulbinds a chance to put their skills to the test. You will play as either Kleia, Pelagos or Mikanikos. Each character has unique tools they can use to combat their foes. You assist Soulbinds by helping them gather the materials they need to capture or summon a boss.

Once you capture a boss, you can challenge them however many times you want in the arena.


Travel System

The Kyrian travel system is called the Kyrian Gateways, and it’s accessible from Elysian Hold. Restoring anima to the sanctum will unlock the three tiers of anima transport.

  • Tier 1 (Step of Faith): Teleport to Elysian Hold, Aspirant’s Rest, Temple of Courage, and Hero’s Rest. Once you arrive, you can cast Unburden, which greatly boosts your movement speed.
  • Tier 2 (Leap of Power): Also teleport to Seat of Eternal Hymns, Sagehaven, and the Temple of Purity. Unburden’s duration is increased by 100%. You also get the Summon Steward ability, which allows you to create a beacon you can use to travel the network while you’re out and about.
  • Tier 3 (Eternal Paths): Also teleport to Exaltation Rise and Temple of Humility. Unburden also makes it harder for enemies to detect you while active, and your party members can also use your beacon for traveling.

Necrolord Covenant/Maldraxxus


Members of the Necrolord Covenant are military guardians of the Shadowlands. They favor strength and power and have no patience for weakness. They believe in the survival of the fittest. Those looking to join their ranks will face many challenges.



The Necrolord Covenant’s signature ability is Fleshcraft, which creates a shield of flesh and bone to protect against damage. Standing near the corpse of an enemy while casting your shield will make it even larger.



The Necrolord soulbinds and their benefits include:


Plague Deviser Marileth

  • Ultimate Form: Fleshcraft makes you immune to crowd control.
  • Travel with Bloop: Build stacks of Bloop’s Wanderlust while standing still. This increases your movement speed for a few minutes.


Emeni, the Slaughter Daughter

  • Runescribed Bone: Each time you defeat an enemy, you gain a stack of this buff, which reduces magic damage taken for each stack. Maximum stacks will give you a short buff.
  • Emeni’s Magnificent Skin: Using a Necrolord Covenant ability gives you stacks of this buff. Fleshcraft consumes these stacks to increase your maximum health slightly for each stack.


Bonesmith Heirmir

  • Forgeborne Reveries: When you die, your armor lives and fights on for a short amount of time.
  • Resourceful Fleshcrafting: Enemy kills reduce the cooldown of Fleshcraft.


Armor Sets/Covenant Cloaks

Think skulls, death, and everything undead. Necrolord cloaks have a spiky shield and skeletal wings. Armor sets have bony elements, with blue and green accent colors.



The Necrolord Covenant’s sanctum is the Seat of Primus, located in Maldraxxus.


Abomination Factory and Abominable Stitching

When you first join this Covenant, you will meet Emeni and Rathan. Together, you’ll create a community called the Butchers Block. Here, you’ll unlock a unique crafting system called Abominable Stitching.

With this crafting system, you can create new constructs using special materials that you’ll have to gather. Each construct that you create will become a resident of Butchers Block. They bring their own unique quests, personalities, and companionship along.

Mixing Pools are also available, in which you and other players mix pools of slime to summon repeatable bosses based on the colors you coordinate.


Travel System

The Abomination Factory allows you to create a friend to carry you to wherever you need to go. They can carry you on their shoulders for the ultimate in travel. Using the Necropolis up high, you can utilize the circuit around the zone to travel.

Night Fae Covenant/Ardenweald

night fae

The Night Fae are guardians of nature and help protect the cycle of life and death. Night Fae realms mirror the Emerald Dream. They are powerful souls of nature, representing the cycles of death and rebirth.



Members of the Night Fae Covenant gain two universal abilities:

  • Soulshape: Transform into a Vulpin to increase movement speed.
  • Unleash Your Soulshape: Unlock new forms that you can transform into at any time.



The Night Fae soulbinds and their benefits include:



  • Grove Invigoration: When using a Night Fae ability, you gain a moderate amount of mastery.
  • Sylvari Mantle: Upon Soulshape’s expiration, you gain stealth until you move.



  • Potender: Instead of taking a deadly blow, you rejuvenate from a wild seed to regain a moderate amount of your health over a few seconds.
  • Field of Blossoms: After Soulshape ends, your movement speed is increased.



  • Final Moments: Healing and damage to targets at low health are increased.
  • Wild Hunt’s Charge: When not in combat, Soulshape becomes a charge and stuns targets for a few seconds.


Armor Sets/Covenant Cloaks

Nature-related themes. The cloak includes horns, blue crystals, butterflies, and more. Armor sets include antlers, branches, thorns, tree bark, and other natural elements.



The Nightfae’s sanctum is the Heart of the Forest located in Ardenweald.


Queen’s Conservatory

Members of this Covenant have access to the Queen’s Conservatory, a celestial garden. Here, you will use the power of rebirth to help souls return to life. You will work with the Queen’s Warden to help ancient souls regain their strength using the power of Wildseeds and catalysts planted in the garden.


Travel System

The Night Fae use Fae Circles to travel through the network Ardenweald. As you progress, you’ll unlock new tiers of the transportation network that you access through mushroom rings in the zone.

  • Tier 1: Travel to Stillglade, Heart of the Forest, Forest’s Edge, and The Stalks.
  • Tier 2: Travel to Elder Strand, Banks of Life, and Gormhive. Also gives you access to unique caves in the zone.
  • Tier 3: Travel to Eventide Grove, Crumbled Ridge, and Tirna Scithe. Also gives you access to certain islands near the zone.

Venthyr Covenant/Revendreth


The vampiric Venthyr Covenant is known as the Punishers of the Unworthy. They purge souls plagued by flaws like greed, pride, apathy, and more.



Joining the Venthyr will give you the signature ability Door of Shadows, which allows you to appear at a targeted location.



Venthyr’s soulbinds and benefits include:


Nadjia the Mistblade

  • Thrill Seeker: Gain stacks of this buff while in combat. At maximum stacks, you gain Euphoria, which speeds up everything you do for a short time.
  • Agent of Chaos: Disorients all enemies at a target location for a few seconds.


General Draven

  • Call to Action: Using a Covenant ability grants some versatility to you and your friends.
  • Enduring Gloom: Door of Shadows gives you a shield that absorbs damage equivalent to 15% of your health for 8 seconds.


Theotar the Mad Duke

  • Soothing Shade: Abilities have a chance to summon Tubbins and Gubbins, which carry a parasol. Standing in their shade grants you mastery.
  • Watch the Shoes: Door of Shadows removes roots and snares.


Armor Sets/Covenant Cloaks

Gothic vampire-themed armor and cloak. The cloak has a pair of red lanterns, red blades, gold, and an actual tombstone.

Armor sets are blood-red and gold in color (all of them) with a red, misty effect.



The Venthyr’s sanctum is Sinfall located in Revendreth.


Ember Court

Members of the Venthyr Covenant enjoy the finer things in life. The Ember Court plays host to extravagant galas. You’ll be in charge of inviting guests, kicking out party crashers, arranging for refreshments, and playing host or hostess.


Travel System

Members of the Venthyr Covenant can use Blood Mirrors to travel through the zone. You’ll work with a master mirror maker to reconstruct and alter mirrors to get quick access to different points in Revendreth.

Final Word

Now that you understand more about World of Warcraft Shadowlands Covenants, you can choose your faction and progress. Don’t forget to watch streamers on YouTube and Twitch to watch playthroughs and see updates to the expansion. These gamers can help you see which Covenant may be the best fit for you. Oh, and don’t forget to get your WoW game cards and Battlenet Balance Cards to make sure you have enough game time to play.

If you’re looking for other gaming gift cards, check out our post on the 8 Best Gaming Gift Cards in 2020.

Here’s the full infographic for your perusal:

full infographic (1) (1)


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