Chris Pratt now voices Mario in this Super Mario Bros. hack

Thanks to the work of a clever game developer, we no longer have to imagine how Chris Pratt would sound as the voice of Mario. No, this isn’t any official voice reveal for the Mario role that Pratt is supposedly working so hard on. It’s a goofy and somewhat annoying Super Mario Bros. remake that adds Pratt’s voice into the classic game.

The game is called Chris Pratt is Super Mario, and you can play it for free in your browser right now. Created by Woe Industries, the game adds in a bunch of exclamations voiced by Pratt. Each action has its own voice line; for example, when you die, you’ll hear Pratt say, “That’s super disappointing.” When Mario jumps, Pratt says, “Jumping jacks!” (If you keep jumping, then you’ll just hear Pratt shout over and over and over … It’s dizzying.)

The game is only a remake of the first level, but if you reach the end, you’ll be treated with a fun Pratt line.

The game is no doubt referencing the news that Nintendo cast Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario in the upcoming animated Mario movie. Since then, Pratt has become a bit of a living meme, because he’s been cast as both Mario and, in a separate movie, as Garfield. Folks keep joking around online about Pratt getting cast in other random projects. It even got to a point where a producer behind the upcoming Devil May Cry anime made a statement confirming that Pratt would not be voicing any of the characters in the project.

As for this game, well, it just gives us a taste of what’s to come when we see the actor take on one of his stranger roles.




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