Civilization 6 Now Has A New Battle Royale Mode

Civilization 6 has just rolled out a new multiplayer mode called “Red Death”, where players will need to outwit other players in order to reach the last space ship off the planet.

There are no civilizations to manage and each player is required to protect a single civilian unit on the map at all costs. If a player’s unit is killed or captured, then they’re considered eliminated from the game. The Red Death is the radioactive mass that is consuming the planet and a Safe Zone ring will appear on the map. Periodically, this ring will shrink and players will need to keep their units inside the ring to avoid the Red Death. The main goal is to keep the last unit standing in order to claim victory. Red Death is part of Civilization 6’s free September update, which also brings various improvements and bug fixes. Check out the full Firaxis’ patch note here.