Clash of Monsters Starts Closed Beta Test

All players have expected! The Strategic SLG Masterpiece Clash of Monsters Starts Closed Beta Test!

The strategic game masterpiece —— Clash of Monsters, which is exclusively operated by Perfect World Inc. in Southeast Asia, is officially released now! After being featured by editors from 133 countries’ media, now the official closed beta test starts in Southeast Asia. Same time, more features and gameplay are published for players’ information.

Download Game: HERE.

The war is imminent! The competition is passionate!

Seize resources and hunt treasures in mysterious and boundless Blue Haze.

Players can earn rewards in exploration and battles. Initially, grabbing resources and materials is the primary mission for beginning players. However, as you progress in game, you will find the most exhilarated thing is exploring the mystic Blue Haze and hunting for inexhaustible treasures. In the brimless Blue Haze, it is essential to seize materials and coins for your tribe’s expansion. Coin is the base currency in game, recruiting and buying all requires coins. Certainly, you can use purchased gems to boost your generating, and covert gems to coins in camp shop.

The mysterious continent of Blue Haze abounds with treasures and resources. Go to hunt them!

Multinational players compete in the same sever, and fight for honor!

Clash of Monsters introduces the multi-player online PVP system, which enables players to fight with other ones from different countries. In your camp, you can search a worthy opponent as your morale to start a PVP battle. This kind of gameplay integrates competing and upgrading together, bringing you double pleasure. Rewards are set for a victory, including plentiful coins and morale. Morale is the benchmark of your rank in Blue Haze. The higher rank you achieve, the more donations you will receive from Sir Pumpkin. Notably, this multi-lingual version aims at different language speakers, which enable players to quickly grasp without language barriers.

Clash with multinational players in the same server! Engrave your name on the ranking list!

The soul of war-chess game——Map out a strategy before you deploying your troops.

As an ultra-popular war-chess game, deployment is exactly the essence of interest in this game. The battlefield is a chessboard divided by grids. Different minions require different grid sizes, so do the three heroes. What’s more, there are three different types for both attack and defense, adding on hero skills, the diversified gameplay enhances the enjoyment of playing. Importantly, it still requires you to think over and over for how to map out a strategy.

Formations contain a hidden wisdom! Try anything you wish!

In terms of details of gameplay, the official still provide a tutorial video for players’, Click to watch.

Hilarity is impending. Closed beta events are open simultaneously.

There are a series of events waiting for you during closed beta in Clash of Monsters!
All the events have abundant rewards; you will never want to miss them! Now, gather in the Blue Haze, and open a new world!

First Top-up rewards plus double coupon.

For beginning players, the First Top-up reward plus double coupon event is ready during close beta. Regardless the price, as long as you top up, you will receive double gems and 50 thousand coins. And more, 6 battering rams and a lovely pet tapir, which will speed up your upgrading and have an amazing experience!

To learn more, please visit: HERE.

Legendary sets for clearing maps.

As long as you keep leveling up and exploring, the legendary sets will be your possession! The more maps you clear, more generous rewards you will receive. But remember, time limit is during closed beta~

To learn more, please visit: HERE.

Luxury packs for Leveling up.

Same in closed beta, you can earn rewards after leveling up! From level 5 on, you can receive a gift every other 5 levels, which includes materials, coins, gems, tokens and etc.

To learn more, please visit: HERE.

Log on in CB, receive deluxe bundles in OB

Every player who has logged on C.O.M during closed beta will receive a luxury pack after open beta starting! The bundles contains legendary equipment, materials, coins, tokens, and etc.

To learn more, please visit: HERE.

For more information, please visit:
Clash of Monsters Facebook Fanpage.
Clash of Monsters Official Site.

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