Clash Royale Gets Cloned By China In Over A Week

Clone games are not uncommon in the realm of app gaming but, based on a report from a Chinese website, this developer takes the cake in Piracy by cloning Clash Royale in just a week after the game’s release.

Clash Royale Clone 01

While the existence of a clone would not hurt developer Supercell and its game, Clash Royale, sales or performance due to the massive audience that the game generates. The speed in which a game gets cloned shows that Piracy within the app gaming market, especially in Asia, is still rampant.

Clash Royale Clone 02

Comparing the game side-by-side, the clone looks to be a direct copy of Clash Royale with the artwork changed into medieval Chinese theme, instead of the western-influenced artwork that Clash Royale is based (which in turn is based off Clash of Clans).

While we don’t condone piracy of any kind, it is still astounding to see how fast these Chinese clones can work when it comes to copying games. Well, if they can build a skyscraper in 19 days, then building a clone shouldn’t be an issue.

Clash Royale Clone 03

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Source: Toutiao

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  • Zubin April 20, 2016

    Clash Royale is really a good game but it’s not that much like its elder brother clash of clan. However, both are really awesome strategic games.

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