Combat Arms: Classic | October Web Attendance Event

Just play for 120 minutes per day and receive GP and weapons as rewards!

Event Period: October 1-28, 2021


  • Play for 120 minutes per day and claim your rewards in Web Attendance.
  • Attendance recorded playtime will be reset each day at 00:00 (CET)
  • Attendance playtime will be calculated daily, and not accumulatively.
  • Note that to qualify, each unique login and playtime of more than 2 hours must occur within a 24-hour time that starts at 00:00 (CEST) and ends at 23:59 (CEST). If you remain login over a two-day period, it will only count as one entry and you will miss out on the rewards the previous day.






Join Combat Arms: Classic and play daily to get these rewards!



Multi Game Card (Global)



Where to Buy Multi Game CardClick HERE.


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