Combat Arms: Reloaded – Christmas Celebration Events

a. Special Rewards added for EXP Accumulated Event

It’s the season of giving and HQ is ready to double down on that generosity. The usual is spiced up, the EXP accumulation event will be handing out better rewards in the spirit of the holidays.

b. Weekly EXP and GP Boost – Type: XMas!

All aboard the holiday train! It’s a season for giving and we will stay true to that. For the entire month of December, received big boosts to your EXP and GP gain and bunch more on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

c. Santa Hat Zombies on the loose!

It looks like it’s not only the Rangers feeling the holiday spirit. Reports has come in that Fireteam NPCs has switched headwear from pumpkins to Santa Hats. Beware as they may seem jolly but they sure are nasty!

• Fireteam NPC now wear Santa hats for the duration of the event.

d. Time for some Holiday Attire

Specialists reported that the coveted Rare Metals can be gained easily while wearing Christmas items. It’s now time to put on your favorite Christmas items and get more rare metals for your games.


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