Combat Arms: Reloaded – Welcome 2021 January Events

Attention Rangers!

Celebrate the first month of 2021 in Combat Arms: Reloaded and what better way to start the year than by jump’in in to pumped up line of events rolling out this entire January!

Playtime, fun time, Hot Time!

Event Period: 01. 01 ~ 01. 31

Bring in some much-needed heat on these chilly days of January! Play during the Hot Time period and get more EXP and GP on any activity of your choosing. Call in your buddies and pour-in the more Heat in the Hot Time!

Paradrop Incoming!

Event Period: 01. 01 ~ 01. 31


HQ is sending in supplies via Paradrop. Shipments will be flown in daily, so be on your toes for the amazing Attendance Reward. Login in daily and grab yourself these Attendance Rewards.


Thank you very much for sticking with us last year. Let’s fight on in 2021!



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