Conquer Online 18th Anniversary

While celebrating the 18th anniversary, we would like to invite you to a thrilling time-travel adventure
and recall the happy memories in the world of Conquer!

How to get Memory Stones:

In-game Quests:

  1. The time machine will send you to a random old map to experience the good old days. Hunt monsters to win fine rewards! You can enter up to 3 maps in a day.
    There are 5 Mythical Boxes in each map, open the box to get Memory Stone * 30 for sure and a random reward.
  2. Talk to the nostalgic friends in the main cities to win up to 3 Anniversary Bonus Packs each day.

Anniversary Bonus Pack: Open to randomly get Memory Stone * 20, 100 CPs (B), 1 +3 Stones (B), 500 Chi Points, etc.

Anniversary Grand Sale
Purchase items in Anniversary Grand Sale to get Memory Stones. You will get 1 Memory Stone for every 1 CP spent in the Grand Sale.

Anniversary Credit Rebate
It’s an offline credit event. It will be released later on May 18th, please stay tuned.

Celebrate Conquer Online’s 18th Anniversary with us now!



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Conquer Online
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