Conquer Online (EN) Anima Treasure Hunting

The Anima Treasure Hunting event started in Jun. 22nd to Jul. 12th, you can pay P6 or P10 Anima to start treasure hunting.
There are also new Anima Fortune Wheels this time!

Duration: Jun. 22nd to Jul. 12th


  • Robert in Twin City
  • Common Swapper in Twin City
  • Elite Swapper in Twin City
  • Shawn at Twin City (319,452)


Walkthrough: Robert found countless treasures of ancient in Anima Cave. He can send you there if you give an Anima, different exploration paths require different phases of Anima, there are the common path of the cave and the elite part of the cave. You can earn Explorer Tokens in these caves and then exchange your tokens for rewards.

Join the Anima Treasure Hunting at Conquer Online today!



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For more information, please visit:
Conquer Online Anima Treasure Hunting Event Page

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