Conquer Online (EN): Anniversary Credit Rebate

Duration: 05/ 07- 05/ 20

1. During the event, you can credit to get points which can be used to spin the wheel for wonderful prizes.

2. There are 2 types of Fortune Wheel, one is the normal Fortune Wheel, each draw costs 20 Points. One is the Anniversary Fortune Wheel, each draw costs 50 Points. The rewards of Anniversary Fortune Wheel are even more abundant.

3. The roulette has inner and outer ring.

4. The outer ring will decide the kind of reward which you will claim, the inner ring will decide the amount of the reward. For example, if the wheel stops at 8 and 150 CPs, you can receive 150*8=1200 CPs.

5. Fortune Wheel including:

6.Rank Rewards (at least 1,500 Points)

After the event ends, the top 8 heroes across all servers (except Sovereign and Furnace) can receive extra rewards as below:


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