Conquer Online (EN) Kidsfun Park

Happy Children’s Day! The CO Kidsfun Park will start on June 1st.
You can find Magic Mirror to transform during the event.

When your Kidsfun Points reach a certain amount, you can claim rewards!


Kidsfun Day

Kidsfun Express has arrived at the Kidsfun Park station. Complete the surprising quests to gain lots of Childhood Toys consists of normal Glass Marbles and rare Kites. Submit the Childhood Toys to Daydreamer, and you may win delicate gifts and Kidsfun Points from his mysterious pocket.


Kidsfun Park

You may enter the Kidsfun Park when you have 5 Kidsfun Dice. There are 36 squares in the park. Roll your Kidsfun Dice to move forward to the destination! Each square has got a unique surprise. Why don`t you find out for yourself?


Kidsfun Square

To celebrate the Kidsfun Day, we prepared some fun games. Come to play with us! Game 1 Graffiti Wall: You can write some words you like on the Graffiti Wall to get Graffiti Wall Reward! Game 2 Kidsfun Box: Transform into animals to search for 3 Kidsfun Boxes! There are different numbers of Kidsfun Dice in Kidsfun Boxes. Game 3 Rebel Kid: Every hour on the hour, Grumpy Mom will show up with Model Kid to undermine your confidence!



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