Conquer Online (EN) The Beach Music Festival

The Beach Music Festival starts in Jun. 15th to Jul. 5th,
you can realize your music dream and win nice rewards including the new garment at the festival.


How to Get Dream Coins

Ingame Quests

  1. Expel Monsters (5 Music Tickets Required)
  2. Pick Fruits and Make Juice (10 Music Tickets Required)


Approaches for Getting Music Tickets:

  1. Sign in to get 5 Music Tickets every day.
  2. Use Chi Tokens to get 10 Music Tickets every day.
  3. Hunt monsters in Deityland and Dragon Island to get up to 10 Music Tickets every day.
  4. Get 10 Music Tickets when Activeness reaches 200 in a day.


June Super Sale

  • Purchase items in June Super Sale to get Dream Coins. You will get 1 Dream Coins for every 10 CPs spent in the Super Sale from Jun. 17th to Jun. 28th.


Summer Credit Rebate

  • It’s a credit event on web page.


Find out more here.


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