Conquer Online: Mo’s Device Array

Mo‘s Device Array has been activated following the release of Soaring Archers.
Pass the array and you`ll get Mo`s treasures! What`s more, you can collect the Device Parts around the world and
submit them to increase your Contribution Points, which can be used to exchange for treasures.

Duration: Aug. 17th to Sep. 6th


How to get Contribution Points?

Ways to Obtain Device Parts:

  1. Login game to get 5 Device Parts a day.
  2. Use Chi Tokens to get 5 Device Parts.
  3. Hunt monsters in the wild to get up to 10 Device Parts a day.
  4. Join in Qualifier to get up to 10 Device Parts a day.
  5. Get 200 Daily Active Points to obtain 10 Device Parts.
  6. Pass the Mo`s Device Array to get Mo`s Gift Box or Mo`s Classic Box.
  7. Purchase Supply Packs to get items and Device Parts.




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Conquer Online Mo’s Device Array

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