Conquer Online Patch 7658: Animae, Bound CPs, and Collection Scraps Still Up for Grabs!

This is your call to arms, warriors! Conquer Online just dropped Patch 7658, bringing some cool stuff your way. It’s your time to get Animae, Bound CPs, and Collection Scraps from the Shopping Mall. Let’s learn more about these items, shall we? Starting with Animae!

Animae is like a Gem but better. Slap it on your gear, and your character gets a boost. Animae amps up your P-Attack, M-Attack, P-Defense, M-Defense, HP, and Battle Power. Also, you can trade Animae for Bound CPs, so if you have plenty, more power to you!

Next, Bound CPs are like in-game money that you can’t trade. They’re handy for personalizing your character with stuff from the Shopping Mall. You earn CPs by swapping in-game items like gems or rebirth tokens for them.

Finally, keep an eye out for Collection Scraps to keep your Conquer Online journey fresh and interesting! So, there you go, warriors! Patch 7658 is live, and it’s your chance to grab Animae, stock up on Bound CPs, and gather Collection Scraps from the Shopping Mall!

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