Conquer Online Summer Adventure

Conquer Online Summer Adventure Event

The Summer Adventure event started from Jul. 20th to Aug. 2nd.
You can take different adventures and win precious rewards, including Chi Attribute Ticket (B).


How to Get Adventure Points

In-Game Quests Quests
Complete the quests in different maps to get Adventure Points:

  1. Dragon Cavern
  2. Chaos Jungle
  3. Unusual Castle
  4. Bonfire Station
  5. Opening Adventure Bags
  6. Win in Qualifier


Use 1 Vigor Crystal to teleport to a random adventure.
Use 3 Vigor Crystals to teleport to a designated adventure.

Approaches for Getting Vigor Crystals:

  1. Sign in to get 5 Vigor Crystals every day.
  2. Use Chi Tokens to get 10 Vigor Crystals every day.
  3. Purchase Vigor Crystal Packs with CPs. You can purchase 1 Vigor Crystal for 3 CPs or 10 Vigor Crystals for 20 CPs at NPC Robert at Twin City (395,330).




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Conquer Online
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Conquer Online Summer Adventure

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