Control’s Expeditions Update Is Now Live For Everyone

Remedy has announced the first content update for its award-winning game Control called ‘Expeditions’ during the Game Awards 2019.

Expeditions are a challenging combat experience with a set time limit for completion aimed at those who have already completed Control. Starting from today, players can use the mysterious Jukebox locked away in a room in Central Executive to access Expeditions. By getting Jukebox Tokens, Control players will be able to hear the song that has the power to transport Jesse into a different dimension.

control expeditions jukebox

Expeditions take place in a Threshold area somehow connected to the Black Rock Quarry, where the Bureau has found a mysterious structure called the Formation. Marshall frequently sent her Rangers to explore and investigate this mysterious, largely uncharted dimension. This place has an unusual draw, to the point that it even pulls pieces of the Oldest House into itself. It has also drawn the Hiss, and it’s Jesse’s job to stop them from going deeper. The new game mode will be available after the main mission ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is completed.