Cookie Run: Kingdom x BTS | J-Hope Cookie Revealed

Cookie Run: Kingdom x BTS | J-Hope Cookie Revealed

Cookie fans and K-pop fans gather around!

Check out the first look of the BTS Cookie, J-Hope Cookie!

Source: Cookie Run: Kingdom on YouTube


Cookie Run: Kingdom

Source: Cookie Run: Kingdom on YouTube | Full list of Story

In a far land lives a kingdom ruled by Cookies. They were creatures baked by the Witch after the chaos of iron and flame subsided. Among them were the Five. Five Cookies, graced with Soul Jam of the purest kind. They were the kings and queens ruling the Cookies and bringing in a golden age of peace and prosperity. But the peace was broken by the evil, Dark Enchantress Cookie. And once again, the world falls into chaos. The five Cookie heroes used all of their strength in the battle with the villain and after a big blow, both side vanished into the dark night.

In the wake of the massive explosion, the once-grand kingdoms and their heroes died out… As time past, an ordinary Cookie opens his eyes to find himself in the Witch’s rickety oven, GingerBrave has awakened. Fated to defeat the evil and rebuild Cookie Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom takes on a runner gameplay where in the stages, cookies will run through the map according to the map progression bar and encounter enemies on the path. They will get into combat instantly and you will need to time their skills to win the battle. The game also features both real-time battle strategy and city-building, with a wide cast of unique Cookies and a customizable Kingdom.

Start your journey now with GingerBrave in Cookie Run: Kingdom as he meets many more new friends and foes. Take on challenges or explore the world. The fate of Cookie Kingdom is now in your hands.




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