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What Happened

What Happened puts you in the shoes of high-school student Stiles, a teenage boy suffering from acute anxiety and depression.
You must guide him through the dark and twisted corridors of his own subconscious, with his fate depending entirely on your empathy with his tortured state of mind.


Wobbly Jungle

Wobbly Jungle looks incredibly sweet, but it will drive you to the brink of insanity! That’s because in Wobbly Jungle the wolf’s in sheep’s clothing – erm, sorry… in Sina’s enemies!
You have to survive 60 challenging levels that will demand everything from you. The sweet look is actually crystal clear camouflage, as a variety of enemies and obstacles lie in wait. Are you ready to face this challenge? Only those who demonstrate perfect timing and fast fingers stand any chance at all – true to the motto “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!”

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What Happened Wobbly Jungle



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