CRIMESIGHT release date set for April 2022

Publisher and developer Konami announced the CRIMESIGHT release date is set for April 2022.

Konami is hosting a free demo for the game from March 24th to April 7th, and registrations to try out the game are now available on its official website.

English version

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Japanese version

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Here’s a rundown on the game:

Whodunnit.. or who will do it?! A new mystery simulation game with player-vs.-player action arrives on the crime scene!

London, 2075.
A cutting-edge predictive system called Foresight AI is developed to predict future crimes based on network data. As a result, crime is reduced by 90% worldwide.
However, the system soon predicts an unavoidable incident, one that could steer the world on the path to ruin.

Fearing the worst, Foresight AI’s developers craft a new artificial intelligence that can track down and solve the most heinous of crimes before they occur.
They dub this AI “Sherlock”, after the peerless detective of classic literature.


In a manor in the midst of a blizzard, a grisly murder is about to occur. But who will be the victim?
Among the game’s character are one “villain”, who carries out a murder, and one “target”, the villain’s future victim.
The player on the Moriarty side must fulfill objectives to complete their crime, while the players on Sherlock side must prevent it from happening.
Over the course of a match, the villain and the target will slowly come to light.

Will you join hands with Moriarty to outwit Sherlock and take down your target?
Or will you team up with sherlock to foil Moriarty’s sinister schemes?



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