Cross Fire – Malaysia National Day Promotion


Promotion Period: 8th August 2014 – while stock last

Promotion Info:

Dear Cross Fire players,

Great news from Cross Fire! For the purpose of celebrate Malaysia National Day. Cross Fire will tie up with OffGamers to bring more good news to all our valued players!!

This round will involve Cross Fire in-game item for each purchase of Booz Points purchased through OffGamers.

Make sure you don’t miss out this golden opportunity. Promotion END while stocks last!





National Day ​Promotion Package


**NOTE: Customers are required to submit their details via our Submission Form.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Redemption Code can ONLY be redeemed once.
  2. Promotion is open to all OffGamers Customers.
  3. Please redeem the code before the coupon expiry date and utilize the item redeemed before item’s expiry date.
  4. Eligible winners will need to retrieve the redemption code from OffGamers registered emails within 5 working days.
  5. OffGamers , SmileGate and Gamesbooz will not be responsible for any loss of redemption code through lost mail, compromised email accounts and expired codes.
  6. OffGamers , SmileGate and Gamesbooz reserves the rights to make any changes to the above stated promotion without any prior notice.

For more information, please visit: Cross Fire Official Site.

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Cross Fire (MY/SG) Booz

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