CrossFire: CFS Super Fans – Grand Finals Edition

CrossFire: CFS Super Fans – Grand Finals Edition

The Grand Final of CFS is here! Support you favorite team with the Super Fan Grand final Edition weapon skins!

During this event, you will have the option to purchase two different kinds of CFS crates on the event website and win extra rewards with them:

1. CFS Neptune Crate:

  • AK47-Neptune Beast
  • Barrett-Neptune Demon
  • D.E–Neptune Demon


2. CFS Poseidon Crate:

  • AK47-Poseidon Beast
  • M4A1-S-Poseidon Demon
  • D.E–Poseidon Demon


If you purchase the 100EA bundle either Neptune crate or Poseidon Crate on the website, you will get a bonus rewards. Furthermore, winning all the three weapon from the Crate will grant you another bonus collection rewards!

That’s not all, you will be able to get more rewards on this event by winning permanent weapon and win any additional weapon from the crate!


The Event date start from Sep 22 – Oct 9, 2022.

Be sure to not miss out! Recharge now with OffGamers!



Game Card

Game Card









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