CrossFire: Mercenary Pass – Season 27: Rust and Relaxation

CrossFire: Mercenary Pass – Season 27: Rust and Relaxation

Complete contracts, level up your pass, reap the benefits of premium account status, and unlock hundreds of in-game rewards including permanent weapons!

You will be getting three New Permanent Weapon with a lot of reward this month!

Progress beyond level 60 and gain Marks on the way to level 70 to gain Mercenary Marks.

Bounty Shop has been restocked with a returning Noble weapon, and more previous Mercenary Pass rewards.

You can gain access to the Shop by either leveling to 60 with the free pass or owning the Premium pass.

Premium Mercenary Pass Perks:

  • Premium Icon
  • Exclusive IGN and Chat Color
  • Priority Listing in the Game Lobby
  • Highlighted Game Room
  • Additionally EXP
  • AWOL Exemption
  • Exclusive Namecard and Spray
  • Premium Web Benefits’
  • Custom Profile Header
  • Premium Account Pin


Available from Aug 10, 2022 to Sep 6, 2022.
Top up now at OffGamers to get Permanent Exclusive Weapon Rewards only available through Mercenary Pass!


Karma Koin USD100

Karma Koin USD50

Karma Koin USD25

Karma Koin USD10








GoCash USD100
Game Card

GoCash USD50
Game Card

GoCash USD30
Game Card

GoCash USD20
Game Card









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