Crossfire New Tournament: Frenzy Vault

News Date: 14th August 2014

News Info:

Crossfire New Tournament: Frenzy Vault, join for free and walk away with cash prize worth RM34K!

World #1 ranked FPS game – CROSSFIRE is bringing an entire new concept of tournaments to FPS players in SEA region. Revealing the new tournament “Vault Frenzy” where basically every team stands to walk away with cash prize simply by joining the tournament.

Sponsored by Smilegate SEA, Crossfire SEA is going to hold the Vault Frenzy event starting of this month and expect more to come in the future. The first round of the tournament will take place in Klang Valley on August 24, 2014 which requires at least 8 teams to make it happen. Each team consists of 5 person, and all teams will compete against each other to win the cash prizes.

There would be 3 tiers of tournament cash pool awaiting players. In order to unlock better cash pool prize, more team is required to join the tournament. Cash prizes will be given to the top 8 team in the ranking. For example, if 8 teams are joining the first round of tournament, all of the 8 team will definitely walk away with cash prize.

3 different tiers of Frenzy Vault Tournament:

Gold Vault: Requires 32 teams to unlock, RM34k cash pool giveaway
Silver Vault: Requires 16 teams to unlock, RM16k cash pool giveaway
Bronze Vault: Requires 8 teams to unlock, RM8k cash pool giveaway

CROSSFIRE also comes with 110 maps of various difficulty settings and over 400 weapons, providing a great number of options to suit the various preferences of many players. By introducing new kind of tournament with such attractive cash pool prize, Crossfire hopes to give a taste of victory to our loyal players and getting old players back to join this extravaganza.

Registration for the first round of tournament will be available soon. Click here for more details information.

For more information, please visit: Cross Fire Official Site.

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