Crossfire Philippines: Battlepass Season 9​ is now up!

Crossfire Philippines: Battlepass Season 9 – Ends on September 27, 2022

Season 9 of the Battlepass is now up. Purchase Half Pass or Premium pass to unlock benefits and claim rewards exclusive to Battlepass users!


HALF PASS – 220 eCoins

Don’t have enough ecoins right now? Purchase the Half Pass for only 220 ecoins!

Purchasing the Half Pass users can also have the full in-game benefits of Premium Pass users but can only receive rewards up to level 30 – M4A1-S-Born Beast-Ice Soul (Permanent).

Purchasing another Half pass will unlock all the levels of the battlepass.


PASS LEVELS – 10ec / 50ec / 150ec / 600 ec

Want to level up your pass with no sweat? Purchase pass levels through ecoins! Gain instant levels and instantly claim rewards on the levels unlocked.


MAGIC OPTION STONE – Exclusive Battlepass Rewards

Claim Magic Option Stones by leveling up your battlepass. You can use the magic option stone to unlock the skills of Noble Gold Weapons and gain VIP skills.



Gain the following rewards upon unlocking the battlepass:

GP Pass – Level 60 = FN-FAL-Skull Logo (Permanent) (Permanent)

Premium Pass / Half Pass – Level 30 = M4A1-S-Born Beast-Ice Soul (Permanent)

Premium Pass Level – Level 60 = NYMPHS NG SEASIDE (Permanent)


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