Crossfire: Spring Station Event



The year ahead of us is a long one, and as we move from winter to summer, we must stop by Spring Station!

You may get bonus EXP, GP, and boxes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in April!

Timetables and routes:
All weekend, tap in and play to gain 200 percent EXP and GP! Take the quickest way and you’ll receive 800% EXP and GP between these hours (all in server time, local to EDT):

  • 12AM – 1AM
  • 6AM – 7AM
  • 12PM – 1PM
  • 6PM – 7PM


Keep a checklist of your next trip and play for 2 hours every weekend to get Spring Greens Crates!


More weekends = More Crates!

  • 1st Weekend: 3 Crates
  • 2nd Weekends: 9 Crates
  • 3rd Weekends: 15 Crates
  • 4th Weekends: 21 Crates
  • 5th Weekends: 27 Crates


Check out the limited time contracts for April on the Mercenary Pass as well, because you might earn extra goodies while completing your 2 hours each weekend!

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eCoin (PH)
Game Card (Global)
Karma Koin
Karma Koin
Karma Koin




Karma Koin
OpenBucks Card
Razer Gold
Razer Gold



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