CrossFire: The Z Files

CrossFire: The Z Files

The apocalypse is very close and civilization is collapsing due to overwhelming swarms of zombies! And you are humanity’s last hope!

Test your zombie fighting skills from October 5th until October 9th, and complete limited ZM missions to receive legendary rewards!

Play 30 minutes on the maps:

  • Valkyrie Lab (ZM)
  • Shattered Station (ZM)
  • Fatal Canyon (ZM)
  • Dark Tower (ZMX)


Play 60 minutes on the maps:

  • Crater (ZM)
  • Crater Dawn (ZM)
  • Elemental Temple (ZM)
  • Titan Citadel (ZM)


Complete all 8 limited missions to level up on your Mercenary Pass and get also 30 Burnt Metal Crates!



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