Cubizone Latest Game – Journey To The West Introduction

♥ Asura ♥

Class Specialities:

A true warrior
Huge close combat capability
Excellent combat pioneer
A murder machine in battlefield

♥ Kitsune ♥

Class Specialities:

Can control meteors and darts to attack enemies at will
Has a chest that has full of tricks as weapon
Specialized in seducing and trickery, and able to kill enemies unpredictably

♥ Netherese ♥

Class Specialties:
Master of both physical and magical combat
Ability to attack from close and ranged combat
Top tier sneaking and chasing ability

♥ Naga ♥

Class Specialties:
Using magical source as primary ranged combat source
Ability to deal high damage in a short amount of time
Quick movements during combat

Game Features

• Psyche system

Soul is a sacred entity inside the body of each living things. It is capable of to unite with a different divine force. Even your physical body is gone, your soul is capable to exists in three different realms and will wander around.

• 72 Transformation

One of the compelling features of Journey To The West is the 72 Transformation Systems. It is not a simple transformation wherein you can change the look of your character into something else. Depending on what or who you transform into. You will temporary receive a different set of ultimate skills (only available from Boss Transformation) and some helpful buff to name a few.

Garuda & Ox Demon King

• Divine Chart System

You can also increase you basic and fight attributes. The Charm Sigil System will improve:
Sorcery – Increases magical attack
Stamina – Increases critical damage
Accuracy – Increases percentage of hitting the target

• Alliance System

In every MMO, becoming a part of a guild is one of their great benefits, a lot of players join a guild to meet up with new people and join them on raids and guild wars to bring glory to their guilds. Here in JTTW, becoming a part of a guild (we call it here as Alliance) has a lot of perks and it’s not just revolving on raiding dungeons and beating up giant bosses and also specific alliance activities.

For more information, please visit:
Journey To The West Official Site
Journey To The West Facebook Fanpage

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