Cyberpunk 2077’s First DLC Is Cosmetic, Full 1.3 Patch Notes Revealed

CD Projekt Red shared the list of changes coming in the 1.3 Patch along with details about the first, free DLC which will also be included in the upcoming update.

Firstly, the upcoming DLC included in the 1.3 Patch will all be cosmetic. It will include two jackets (one vaguely looks like the red jacket from Akira), a new car, and a new outfit for Johnny Silverhand. As previously announced, the DLC in Cyberpunk 2077 will be free while the bigger narrative expansions will be paid. This is the same DLC vs. Expansion model used for The Witcher 3.

As for the patch notes, there are hundreds of changes ranging from quality of life improvements, quest updates, and more. Some of the bigger improvements include changes to the mini-map while you drive, the ability to re-spec your character’s perks and a little change that makes it easier to choose your partner in the quest, Automatic Love.



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