Cyberpunk action game Glitchpunk coming later this year

On the surface, Cyberpunk 2077 looked very much like a new Grand Theft Auto game, but set in a neon-hued cyberpunk future. Glitchpunk, announced by Dark Lord and publisher Daedalic Entertainment, is very similar, except that it looks like an old Grand Theft Auto game set in a neon-hued cyberpunk future.

Glitchpunk is a top-down action game about an android bounty hunter with a glitch that causes it to rebel against its own programming and embark upon a campaign against tyrannical governments and mega-corporations. You’ll steal cars, throw hands, and blow stuff up across four different cities filled with crazed gangs, violent police, and bad drivers.

But it’s not all gunfights and auto theft: Glitchpunk “also tells a story of transhumanism, xenophobia, and religion,” Developer Dark Lord said. “You can influence the world around you, make new friends, face off against more enemies than you can count—and you might even find love.”


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