Dakar 18 Has An Official Release Date

Bigmoon Entertainment and rally enthusiast has announced the official launch date for its upcoming Rally Raid simulation DAKAR 18.

Dakar 18 is based on the actual event of the world annual rally race in South Africa coordinated by Amaury Sport Organisation. The game will include many different official vehicles and can be considered as one of the biggest open worlds ever made. Players will need to use the real road books provided by the pilots to navigate across Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. There will be 14 stages for the players to conquer.

Players will compete in multiplayer races as well as playing offline to progress and grow navigation and racing skills. DAKAR 18 is concentrated on the realism and promises breathtaking visuals, which reliably represent many of the official vehicles and pilots for each of the five racing group – Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Quads and SxS of the Dakar Rally 2018. Additionally, the game will include a single player, online and split-screen multiplayer gameplay experience.

The cross-country rally racing game is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 11, 2018.