Dancing Love Fashion Mall – My Guardian Pack

Introducing the all new My Guardian Pack that allows you to summon various guardians to protect you in your journey to become a full fledge idol! Wanna have a cool dragon as your own guardian? Come take a look at what this pack has to offer for you!

· The Bubble Blush – Cute bubbly fishes that comes in pair, they do what they do best, kissing.
· Purple Cotton – This soft feathery hammock-shaped guardian is the best thing to unwind and relax with. Serve also as a dreamcatcher and bearer of good dreams.
· In Heaven – Gives you the power to fly around and feel like you’re in heaven. A very important piece for an angel like you.
· Dragon Supreme – A majestic dragon adorned in golden armor. Only the nobles can tame this proud looking dragon. His wrath is as deadly as his arrogance and definitely a guardian worth keepping by your side.
· Tempest Echo – A species of green dragon that controls the wind. They can build a bubble shaped protection shield around its human by bending wind.
· Winter Aileron – Can only be found during winter where they wreck havoc in nearby villages after their long slumber. Taming one will allow you to summon the power of ice and crystal and they can also form a bubble-shape protection shield around it’s human to protect them.


Get your My Guardian Pack to get your very own blueprint to create your guardian!


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