Dancing Love Photo Day

Event Period: 2020. 09. 14 – 2020. 09. 21

Event Reward: Pleasure (Face)

The Valentine’s Day in September is also known as the Photo Day whereby couples celebrate by taking selfies together!

So on this memorable day, Dancing Love wants you to take a selfie with the most important person to you in your life and share why you think this person is so important to you!


1. Take a selfie with the person who’s most important to you in life (Can be real-life and in-game)
2. Write down why this person is important to you in the comment section and include your selfie with it. (Selfie can be in link form)
3. Include your ID and IGN in the same comment post as well
4. All contestant will be rewarded.


1. Participant’s s comment needs to be ORIGINAL.
2. Participants can only submit ONE (1) entry.
3. The winner will only receive items based on their gender respectively.
4. The items will be sent to the participant within 14 days after the winners are announced.
5. Dancing Love reserved the rights to modify, cancel or postpone the event anytime without prior notice.


Hurry! Top-up Dancing Love and stay tuned for more exciting event!!! !!!


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