Dancing Love Review

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Everyone loves a mobile game that helps you spend your free time immersed in an interactive and exciting world. Not many games out there that manage to do that for some time now. Now here’s a dancing game that caught my attention recently. Without further ado, here’s the review for Dancing Love.  


The key to any mobile game is to balance difficulty and entertainment, so it wouldn’t end up being either too complicated, that requires much more than your reflexes; or a boring experience that does not have a replayability factor. Dancing Love is a game that manages to achieve balance in both elements. It requires players to hit the quick time event buttons that will appear periodically on the screen as your avatar starts its dancing routine. The quick-time events will vary from time to time, depending on the level that you’re in. Some quick time events require you to hold the button before releasing it and tapping another one. Some of them only feature buttons that randomly appear on your screen, while some require you to press a sequence of keys that will be shown on the screen. The gameplay features difficulty that varies from song to song. 


You can expect a pretty well-rendered graphics when playing this game, as it renders your avatar and its movement that syncs up with the song selection.

Another interesting point is the game has a massive selection of songs from different genres to dance to. You can find songs from K-Pop to Rock genres, so there’s always a new song with a different rhythm to try your skills on. The quick-time events and the song are well synced which allows you to get into the groove once you’ve got a rhythm going on. The game also features various background stages that can be selected before gameplay. 

Other Game Features

You can’t have a dance game without looking fabulous! The game encourages players to create their own gaming persona. Customize your avatar with various clothing and accessories items that are available on the store. Build an avatar that’s recognizable in the Dancing Love universe. Dancing Love is also meant to be a social game where you can express your most authentic self and meet new friends online.


There are a bunch of cool-looking apparels with its own custom animation that definitely makes your avatar pop out. You can also find features such as photo uploaders and private voice chats that you could send to each other in the game. Making new friends who share the same interests has never been easier! To keep things consistently fresh, the Dancing Love team comes up with unique and seasonal events, as well as exclusive items and skins that can spice up your gameplay. 


Dancing Love is an aspiring game that looks to connect players via its game. It looks to provide engaging, and sometimes intense gameplay that is paired with tools to encourage players to connect with other players from other parts of the world. Playing Dancing Love with friends is definitely a much more fun experience. If you’re looking for a wholesome dancing mobile game experience, then give Dancing Love a try! While you’re at it, buy Dancing Love Diamonds today and deck out your avatar with awesome apparel to give you a good head start to your Dancing Love experience!