Dancing Love Treasure Wheel

Dancing Love has introduced its new Treasure/Fortune Wheel system that allows players to get cool items via a Funfair Ticket. So, in conjunction with this new addition, Dancing Love has prepared an event that could help you spice things up in the world of Dancing Love.

Event Period: 2019.12.11 13:00 ~ 2020.01.12 23:30

To Join:

1. You’ll need a Funfair Ticket to participate in the event.

2. Funfair Ticket can be obtained:

a. Top Up
b. In-Game Event
c. Opening the Earth Element & White Romance Packs.

Also, here are some of the items you can expect to get in the Fortune/Treasure Wheel:

Topaz, Amethyst, Fire Element, 10000 Cash Voucher, 8000 Cash Voucher, Raffle Voucher, etc.


Hurry! Top-up Dancing Love and get your ticket now !!!


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For more information, please visit:
Dancing Love Official Site.
Dancing Love Facebook Page.

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