Dark Envoy Is The Latest RPG From Tower of Time Developer Event Horizon

Developer Event Horizon has revealed Dark Envoy, a non-linear RPG with free world exploration and strong emphasis on tactical combat and strategic layer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dark Envoy is a mix of Divinity series, XCOM, and Dragon Age, yet becoming something entirely different as a result. The narrative follows a conflict between the Human Empire that is seeking dominance against the remnants of the Old Races, Dark Technology clashes against Magic — neither side is good and just.

dark envoy gameplay

The strong prey on the weak taking whatever they please. This is total war, where the defeated will be entirely wiped from the pages of history. Against this backdrop, Kaela and Kiros aspire to repair their parents’ broken airship in order to travel the world, seeking to face whatever dungeons, challenges, and riches may come their way. They are hungry to learn how to fight, build, and forge alliances and friendships across the known lands. Together, they search for ancient relics and forgotten places. Together, they look to leave a legacy in their wake. Dark Envoy is set to launch in late 2020.